Saturday, June 18, 2011


Belladonna's Foot Soldiers
Belladonna's Foot Soldiers are molded from her actual body to provide the most realistic experience. This ultimate foot fetish set comes with one left foot and one right foot. Suck on her toes one at a time or see if you can fit her whole foot in your mouth. And let's not pussy foot around the issue, these pretty piggies are ideal for vaginal and anal insertion. Included in the set is a tube of Belladonna's personal lubricant so that you can place both feet around your cock and stroke until satisfaction, fucking her feet until you cum. This sex toy is made from ultra realistic rubber including latex free PVC Sil-A-Gel which has the top anti-bacterial formulation to date. These sexy feet are true to form and fit a size 7 shoe. Caress, fondle, hold, stroke, and suck on these amazing feet that are sure to please.               

Extreme Fist
This lifelike, actual size fist is designed specifically for extreme situations! This OVER SIZED dildo measures 14 inches in length. The widest section of the hand measures 10½ inches in circumference. Textured like a real hand for your ultimate desires!
Rascal's Double Fister Dong
When 8 inches aren't enough and you want to take it to another level, then do it with Rascal's Double Fister Dong! This 26 inch double dong with realistic oversized pleasure toy was molded from real hands! The SensFirm fist becomes lick when lubricated and the tapered-angle fingers are made for easy insertion. It is waterproof for excitement in or out of the water. The fist has an insertable length of approximately 10 inches with a circumference of approximately 9 inches. The fingers have an insertable length of approximately 10 inches and have a circumference of approximately 10 inches. Can be use for solo fun or with a friend!

Belladonna's Bitch Fist 
Molded directly from fearless starlet Belladonna, the Bitch Fist is a big, thick dildo shaped into a very lifelike forearm, ending in a clenched hand. It's made from a firmer PVC rubber with SilAgel material at the core, making it flexible and pliable, but sturdy and precise enough to serve it's purpose perfectly. The Bitch Fist, as the name implies, is not for the faint of heart, as it's quite large and thick, but anyone who adores big, satisfying penetration toys or is into fisting will love the generous size and ultra real styling. You'll want to use lots of a good rubber friendly lubricant to ease your way onto the fist, anything water based will be compatible with the material. Made in the USA. Length - 11" Insertable Length - 8 1/2" (approximately) Girth - 9 1/2" around at largest Width - 3" Material - PVC rubber, SilAgel Special Features - Big, realistic, pliable Color - White flesh.

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